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Survey and Geomatics

Our engineers are experienced in the use of the latest surveying equipment and technology, Project Management Associates’ survey and geomatics professionals and technicians can boast of an impressive repertoire of surveying and mapping services for a variety of clients in a number of sectors.


  1. Topographic Surveys.
  2. Spatial Measurements.
  3. Boundary Surveys.
  4. Control Surveys.
  5. Land Surveys.
  6. Cadastral Surveys.
  7. Subdivision and Utility Right-of-way Plans and Surveys.
  8. Subdivision Mapping.
  9. Easement Mapping for Recordation.
  10. Land Title Association Surveys.
  11. Road Surveys.
  1. Site-grading Certificates.
  2. Real Property Reports.
  3. Boundary Retracements and Surveys.
  4. Processing Plans and Documents for Registration.
  5. Construction Surveys and Layouts.
  6. Building Area Surveys.
  7. Transmission Line Routing.
  8. Utility Surveys.
  9. Global Positioning System.
  10. Geographic Information Systems.