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Project Management Associates' Urban and Rural Land engineers provide the following services for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, resort and institutional:


  1. Master-planned Development.
  2. Technical Studies.
  3. Feasibility Assessments.
  4. Studies for Land Assessments and Land Acquisitions.
  5. Master Drainage Studies.
  6. Storm-water Management Studies.
  7. Detail Designs.
  1. Project Implementation.
  2. Redevelopment.
  3. Golf Courses.
  4. Storm-water Facilities.
  5. Resident Engineering.
  6. Construction Strategy.
  7. Construction Administration.
  8. Cost Estimates.

Our team of planners and designers has extensive experience with conventional neighborhood design as well as traditional neighborhood design. We team with the client from feasibility to livability stage, to blend the client's program and market requirements with the site and governmental requirements. We design these neighborhoods as though we want to live in them ourselves. We have extensive experience with the design of active adult communities, as well.


Location and access are critical to multi-family developments. That's why we at Project Management Associates Limited pay special attention to site design and traffic issues. Creating a multi-family environment that outsells competing ventures calls for unique features that can include quality imaging, security, play areas, sidewalks, trails and other elements. Project Management Associates provides the expertise to design a development that meets the needs of the target market, suits the proposed site and addresses local environmental, zoning and regulatory issues.

Master Planning

Project Management Associates employs a complete range of multidisciplinary services in producing large-scale, master planning documents for both the public and private sectors. Our plans reflect the experience and knowledge of creative land planners, coupled with the technical input from our engineering disciplines. Our team will lead a client through a creative and real-world process that will bring a project from the feasibility stage to the quality livability stage. Every aspect of development, from zoning and hydraulic studies to landscape design is performed in-house. This process results in innovative, creative and functional plans for industrial, commercial, residential and mixed-use communities for regional and municipal government entities.

Master-Planned Communities

For our residential clients, we are well versed in the many approaches to master-planned community design, which include conventional subdivision design, conservation design, traditional neighborhood design and combinations of the above. Determining what sells properties is crucial to any development. To accomplish this, Project Management Associates blends creativity with the client's budget to optimize the project's success. Making your master-planned community development a "hot property" is our goal. We design projects as though we will live there ourselves. Care is taken regarding transitions from natural areas to urban/commercial areas, and neighborhoods are carefully planned for pedestrian connections to parks and schools, traffic flow, image and views, recreational opportunities and neighborhood interaction.

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