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Project Management Associates, Construction Management services encompasses the close monitoring of project scheduling, cost estimating, quality assurance, quality control, contract administration, computerized construction management, and construction inspection as well as the coordination of consultants, multi-prime contractors and subcontractors. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the highest standard and quality during the construction project.

Our progressive construction management methodologies ensure efficient and effective capital management and project delivery to our clients. Our most important task is to represent the interest of the owner throughout the project, and to manage the delivery of the project's schedule, quality and budget objectives. Our engineers have built a reputation within our industry for exceptionally effective processes, procedures and systems.

An important part of our Construction Management Services is a claims management plan that begins at the planning stages of the project. Its objective is to eliminate the possibility of claims and it carries through the construction and resolution to assure that unavoidable problems are managed to mitigate impacts to the project. This process results in a claims-free project and a project record, which will serve to defend against any unjustified claims. Project Management Associates helps owners mitigate delay, cost overruns and claims while assuring quality through its construction management field personnel. We are aware that Construction Management (CM) is a very broad term covering a wide range of services offered within the industry. They can range from advising during a particular phase of the building process to acting as the owner's agent in all areas of the project. At Project Management Associates we offer various options of Construction Management.

Project Management Associates offers the following Construction Management Services to our clients:

  1. Contract Administration
  2. Estimating
  3. Construction Inspection / Observation
  4. Claims Analysis • Arbitration
  5. Project & Cost Controls
  6. CPM Scheduling & Analysis
  7. Constructibility Reviews
  8. Safety Review / Monitoring
  9. Technology Services Group

In this option Project Management Associates acts on the owner's behalf as an additional consultant brought to the building team. Project Management Associates' expertise can minimize cost and risk factors, establish realistic schedules, and maximize the construction quality through completion of the project. The world wide experience of Project Management Associates' engineers and success serves as a valuable asset on the bidding, negotiation and the selection of the contractor. Project Management Associates, CM-as-Advisor offers a great advantage to owners who wish to hire an architect and contractor directly, but who do not have the time or in-house expertise to oversee the building process. The greatest advantage Project Management Associates offers is the ability to provide careful monitoring of costs, schedule, and continuous project oversight that is considered exceptional among industry standards.


As an Agent Project Management Associates retains the authority to act as the owner, allowing the owner to step back from the project. Like CM-as-Advisor, those acting as the owner's agent are hired for their expertise in construction, technology, costs, scheduling, and construction of the project. As the Agent, Project Management Associates assumes financial authority for the project and utilizes it's depth of experience in managing all fiscal aspects of a project in order to maximize the return of the owner's capital investment. Additional value to the owner is the single-point of contact, responsibility, and ease of how the project can be tracked.


In this role Project Management Associates' services are contracted prior to the completion of design and acts as the project coordinator and general contractor. As CM-constructor Project Management Associates assumes all the liability and responsibility of the general contractor and most commonly is described as CM-at-risk. This is an excellent solution proposition for projects that need to be fast tracked, or to owner's for whom cost, schedule, or construction implementation would be difficult to manage. Our greatest value proposition is the ability to focus on initial design issues early on in the project and our proven experience in cost management, provision of timely schedules, and supervision to ensure the highest quality of construction makes this service attractive to certain clients. Our Construction Management Service provides our clients with maximum value in facilities construction, operation, and maintenance while ensuring that the project is completed in the shortest possible time and the least amount of cost for a given assignment.

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