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The single point of responsibility for projects offered through our Design-Build services is fast becoming the method of choice for most owners and clients. In this role Project Management Associates assumes responsibility for both design and construction services under one contract.

Project Management Associates provides full-service design, engineering and construction services for transportation, industrial, commercial, institutional and government facility projects. Many of our clients often seek to reduce the overall project delivery time. They want to ensure deadline schedules, cost factors and control their risk.

Our Design-Build Services offers a number of advantages to ensure that projects proceed on time, within budget and as smoothly as possible. Our experienced and tested teams of professionals in the design and construction process are able to compress the schedule by overlapping the design and construction phases. A shorter schedule often translates into lower costs.

We provide our clients a single point of contact that is responsible for competitive pricing, oversight of cost factors and eliminating the client's cost of maintaining staff to oversee the operation. This collaboration enables the client to maximize budgets, reduce schedules and achieve their vision. Design Build offers the greatest advantages by reducing the owner's risk, the opportunities for change orders, and minimizes potential construction delays.