Project Management Associates PLLC provides engineering design solutions and construction management services tailored to meet the specific requirements of each particular client and individual project. Project Management Associates' staff experience is highly diverse, covering a broad spectrum of engineering design disciplines including civil, structural, electrical, mechanical engineering and architecture. The impeccable experience of Project Management Associates design and construction management staff are incorporated into every design, resulting in projects which can be efficiently bid and constructed.

Project Management Associates PLLC has an unparalleled depth of resources for providing the successful management and related services for all types of construction projects. We formulate our teams to provide the right combination of management and technical expertise for each project.

  1. We understand the unique problems that clients have and have successfully met the challenges of reconstructing airports and hospitals while these facilities are in 24-hour operation.
  2. We have the expertise to provide construction management services for high-rise projects and the sensitivity to achieve historic renovation and environmental integration
  3. We have extensive experience in the construction management for heavy civil projects including airports highways and bridges.
  4. We understand the complex technical issues associated with wastewater facilities and water systems.

Some of our project types include:

  1. Highways and Bridges
  2. Airports
  3. Inter-modal Facilities
  4. Cargo Storage Facilities
  5. Office Buildings
  6. Hotels and Residential Complexes
  7. Rail Transit Systems
  8. Retail Centers
  9. Parks, Recreational Centers
  10. Stadiums and Athletic Centers
  11. Tenant Improvements
  12. Industrial and Heavy Manufacturing Facilities
  13. Ports, Piers and Marine Quays
  14. Universities and Schools
  15. Hospitals and Laboratories
  16. Courthouses and Correctional Institutions
  17. Water Systems
  18. Wastewater Facilities>
  19. Historic Renovation
  20. Telecommunications Fiber Optic Facilities
  21. Cellular and Wi Fi Towers
  22. Broadcasting Facilities
  23. Power Distribution
  24. Geo-technical Evaluations
  25. Forensic & Pavement Design Studies
  26. Fluid Storage Structures

Our skills enable us to anticipate problems, and develop alternative solutions for any construction project.

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